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  • If you prefer Amazon to manage your stock, product portfolio, and prices
  • POs will be generated by Amazon
  • You must receive an invitation from Amazon to get this type of account ​
  • Vendor Central:

​Professional Seller

  • If you sell more than 40 units/month
  • If you want to advertise your products
  • If you want to qualify for top placement on product detail pages
  • If you want to use advanced selling tools, like APIs and reports
  • If you want to sell products in restricted categories
  • Seller Central: * * In any orange "Sign up" button

Individual Seller

  • If you sell fewer than 40 units/month
  • If you are still deciding what products to sell
  • If you do not plan to advertise or use advanced selling tools ​
  • Seller Central: *         ​* Pricing > Compare selling plans

Sika + Amazon



  • Account holder's name
  • Email (company email)
  • Phone number (it needs to be a number that is not related to another Amazon account)
  • Company registration number (EIN)
  • Registered company address
  • Bank account information (should be in the name of the primary contact or the company)
  • Chargeable credit card of the account holder (Amazon's monthly payments will be charged automatically)
  • Public name (name to be displayed in the online store)


  • Official identification scanned (Passport or back and front of the driver's license)
  • Bank account statement (not older than 3 months and must match the name of the account holder)
  • Utility bill to confirm the address (telephone, water, electricity, etc.) not older than 3 months.
  • IMPORTANT: All information must be legible, in color, and in PDF format.

Sika + Amazon


Define the logistics model:

FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Primer Shipping

Automatically Eligible

Only Through SFP

Buy Box Advantages



Amazon search rank advantages



Customer Service

Amazon is responsible

Seller is responsible

Refunds and returns

Amazon is responsible

Seller is responsible

Performance metrics related to Order (on-time delivery / order cancellation)

Amazon is responsible

Seller is responsible


Seller pays Amazon a storage, fulfillment, and referral fee
Better for small and light items,
Storage fees increase during holidays

Seller Owes Amazon only referral fee
Better for heavy-Oversized items
Some seller may have lower fulfillment cost

Inventory Control

No Control

Total Control

Customer Experience

Less control

More Control

Inbound Packaging and Labeling Requirements

Strict Requirements

Dependent Seller

Sika + Amazon


Listing on the Platform:

Select The Products

  • Create a list of products that you want to add to your catalog
  • Determine whether the desired products already exist on the platform, perhaps being sold by another seller (the creation process varies if a product is already being sold)

Information Required

  • New Products • Category • Variants • Price • UPC • Internal SKU • Images
  • Products Already on Amazon: • ASIN (unique Amazon #) • UPC • Price • Images

Complete and publish

  • 1. Amazon central / Seller central
  • 2. Inventory
  • 3. Add a product
  • New Products I am adding a product not sold on Amazon
  • Products already on Amazon: Search the EAN or ASIN and “Sell this product”

Sika + Amazon


Product publication best practices:


  • Title This is the most important information for customers; use general words that customers use to search for the product. The title should be fewer than 80 characters
  • Brand Must be always “Sika”
  • Manufacturer It is always “Sika Corporation”
  • Price It is important to respect healthy competition in the market, it is recommended to consider the product detail page (PDP)
  • Fulfillment Channel It depends on the logistics model selected
  • Images Important to use professional photos in the products; the first one needs to be the primary image, preferably on a white background. Show the product and the packaging from various perspectives. Also, show where you can use it and how. The page should have a minimum of 5 images


  • Description Show all product information about the product and be clear. The information shared is the most critical for customers to know. The page description should be fewer than 1500 characters (html code)
  • Bullet Points Explain information about the product in sentences (do not use paragraphs). Use this space to clarify information about possible uses, content (if the product has more than one product included), or just advice.
  • Search Terms Search terms that describe the product: no repetition, no competitor brand names or ASINs. Use common words used by customers to search for the product
  • Others A video and A+ content (marketing content of the product in use, etc.)


  • Promotions Can be free shipping, price discount, or buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • Advertising Advertisements of selected products grouped by keywords or specific segments (cost per click)
  • Coupons Discounts using a coupon; can be conditional
  • Lightning Deals Direct discounts on the price of the product and is visible on the promotions page on Amazon


  • FBA Be aware of the stock in Amazon's warehouses and how they are handling your merchandise
  • FBM (In-house) Handling of own shipments, ensuring good packaging and correct time management
  • FBM (3PL) Logistics are handled by a third party. Maintain control of the stock in their warehouses and how they are handling your merchandise
  • The product needs to be the correct one and needs to be in perfect condition

Customer Service

  • Contact It is important to send a message to the customer thanking that person for the purchase and offering direct attention in case of any inconvenience ​
  • Also, the message can include a suggestion for the customer to follow your social media channels or provide a review
  • Remember that Amazon takes care of the customer service for the FBA products, however, for the FBM products, you should have a strategy

Sika + Amazon

Additional Information

  • 14th Feb Valentines' Day
  • 8th May Mother's Day
  • 30th May Memorial Day
  • 19th June Father's Day
  • 4th July Independence Day
  • 12th - 13th July Prime day
  • 5th September Labor Day
  • 31st October Halloween Day
  • 25th November Black Friday
  • 28th November Cyber Monday
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